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Autonomous Weapons: an Open Letter from AI & Robotics Researchers

Autonomous weapons select and engage targets without human intervention. They might include, for example, armed quadcopters that can search for and eliminate people meeting certain pre-defined criteria, but do not include cruise missiles or remotely piloted drones for which humans make all targeting decisions.

NASA's robot R2 needs your help getting a handle on things in space.

One version of R2, officially known as Robonaut 2, is already on the International Space Station while several others are in development.
NASA has tasked R2 to be an astronaut's assistant on the space station. Some of the tasks require it to use specific tools, and NASA is asking the crowdsourcing platform to build 3D models to help Robonaut use those tools.
"This is our first-ever collaboration with NASA," said Nik Badminton,'s regional director for North America.

AI: Humanoid Robot Exhibits A Moment Of Self-Awareness

Self-aware robots with nefarious intentions of taking over the world have been a staple plot in science fiction novels and movies. A team of scientists from the Rensselaer AI and Reasoning Lab in New York have now announced what might be a significant breakthrough toward developing viable Artificial Intelligence (AI) -- albeit not one that’s hell-bent on wiping out mankind.



Dear Colleagues, we would like the new web site of Robotics VO to become an important place for exchange of ideas and information for the members of the robotics community in the USA.  We start this very first forum to hear your suggestions on the features and functions that our new web site should have.