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Will this one-armed robot put you out of a job?

Sawyer the one-armed robot can do many things. It can assemble goods on the factory floor day after day without tiring, taking toilet breaks, or asking its boss for a raise. What Sawyer can't do, however, is understand the human debate swirling around its potential to revolutionize manufacturing -- and society -- as we know it. Depending on who you speak to, robots like Sawyer either foretell a new era of global unemployment, or save us from the kind of dull jobs you wouldn't wish on your own child.

Researchers improve efficiency of human walking

Unpowered exoskeleton developed by Carnegie Mellon and North Carolina State researchers helps individuals walk using less energy.
For decades, engineers have envisioned systems that could make walking easier. In fact, so many researchers have tried to build unpowered exoskeletons and failed that it was hotly debated in the field whether it was even possible to improve the efficiency of walking without adding an external energy source.

CEO Round Table - "Robots and People working together"

"Robots and People Working Together" - This was the topic of the 8th IFR CEO Round Table Discussion at the Automate 2015 in Chicago. The man-machine partnership will assume a key role in advancing intelligent production visions. Initial applications have been realised in the automotive industry.

RoboGames: The World's Largest Robot Competition Is Back

Last year, RoboGames asked for Kickstarter support to resurrect itself after taking a break for 2014. The robotics community delivered, pledging nearly US $50,000 to bring the world’s largest robotics competition back to Northern California. This Friday, RoboGames 2015 opens in San Mateo, with 56 events, including 220-pound heavyweight robot combat and, uh, some other stuff.


Winners Will Earn Opportunity to Attend DARPA Robotics Challenge, Discuss Future Implications of Robotics on Society

How will the growing use of robots change people’s lives and make a difference for society? How do teens want robots to make a difference in the future? As ever more capable robots evolve from the realm of science fiction to real-world devices, these questions are becoming increasingly important.



Dear Colleagues, we would like the new web site of Robotics VO to become an important place for exchange of ideas and information for the members of the robotics community in the USA.  We start this very first forum to hear your suggestions on the features and functions that our new web site should have.