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Winners Will Earn Opportunity to Attend DARPA Robotics Challenge, Discuss Future Implications of Robotics on Society

How will the growing use of robots change people’s lives and make a difference for society? How do teens want robots to make a difference in the future? As ever more capable robots evolve from the realm of science fiction to real-world devices, these questions are becoming increasingly important.

Robot ISAAC Will Help NASA Langley Speed Toward Innovation

A robot named ISAAC — born with a versatile, spinning head and a robust, acrobatic arm — promises to give NASA’s Langley Research Center a leg up in the quest to develop lighter, stronger composite structures and materials for aerospace vehicles.
One of only three such robots in the world, the multi-million dollar system came to Langley in the autumn and will be ready to spring into action after a Jan. 26 commissioning ceremony.
ISAAC’s arrival has been described as a milestone.

DARPA’s Humanoid Robot Can Now Walk On Its Own Two Feet

Remember ATLAS? That massive walking robot that DARPA is building with Boston Dynamics?
Last time we saw it, it had two major flaws that made it ever-so-slightly less intimidating: it was loud as hell, and it needed a big, thick support cable to keep it powered and upright.
Both of those issues have been fixed.
DARPA released a video on January 20 demonstrating the latest version of ATLAS, and it’s a doozy. DARPA says about 75% of the bot has been redesigned, with only the stuff below the knees staying the same.

Fiat Chrysler company builds three-point shooting robot

Industrial automation company Comau SpA has produced a three-point-shooting robot to demonstrate if it is nimble enough to sink a basketball, then it is capable of working alongside people in a factory or lab.
The Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV company recently featured one of its small-payload robots, called Racer, in a video with San Antonio Spurs shooting guard Marco Belinelli.
In the video, the robot shows off its hoops skills by spinning a basketball on its "fingertip," passing to Belinelli and even beating the Italy-born NBA champion in a three-point contest.



Dear Colleagues, we would like the new web site of Robotics VO to become an important place for exchange of ideas and information for the members of the robotics community in the USA.  We start this very first forum to hear your suggestions on the features and functions that our new web site should have.